Booty Fix 2


BootyFix is a workout that Carly has created in 3 phases and is designed to be done either in a gym or at home. It’s a circuit-based workout that isolates the glutes and lifts the heart rate with interval drills entwined.

You’ll target you muscles from all angles, maximising your results and increasing your overall strength. Warm-up and cool-down sections are included.



  1. Christine Thomas

    Loved this plan! A great follow up to the first BootyFix. Thanks Carly!

  2. Eleni Stephens

    By doing this program about 3 times a week it helped me get my lower body back in shape. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. Jane O’Sullivan

    I train with Carly regularly, it’s great to have a virtual plan from her as well as see her. These exercises are great fun and I could defiantly feel the burn!

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