BootyFix is a workout that Carly has created in 3 phases and is designed to be done either in a gym or at home. It's a circuit-based workout that isolates the glutes and lifts the heart rate with interval drills entwined.

You'll target you muscles from all angles, maximising your results and increasing your overall strength. Warm-up and cool-down sections are included.

BootyFix Praise

Getting straight to the point, Carly's BootyFix had my glutes on fire! I now get regular compliments on my legs and have noticed a big difference ... in a good way! It's a workout split into three phrases so you don't get bored too. Would highly recommend.

Anita Mitra

The good thing about this programme is that I can do the workout either at home or the gym. I have some kettlebells at home that I used in replace of the free-weights and when i was at the gym I pushed myself harder with the heavier weights. I loved the different circuits too, was a fun and different way to train my booty!

Hannah Fosker

I often work out with fitness DVDs at home, so when I saw Carly's BootyFix workout I thought it would be great to shake up my workout routine and I could still do it in the comfort of my own home. It's a great workout, covering a variety of exercises. I could certainly feel the leg burn the next day! Thanks Carly.

Claire Barratt

I've always found it hard work to exercise - especially after having my first baby. But with Carly's BootyFix I now love it! I've achieved tangible results and I'm back to my pre baby weight with a pert bottom and a slim waist. Yay!

Christine Thomas

My booty is a part of my body that I've always had trouble with, by doing Carly's regime three times a week I now have more confidence and feel great in my skinny jeans!

Julia Honan
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