Ballet, Butt n’Barre™

ballet butt n barre

Ballet dancers seem to have it all – they’re strong, they’re flexible, they’re lean and even the tiniest dancers appear taller than they really are!

The Ballet Butt n'Barre™ workout is designed and created by Carly incorporating ballet moves and exercises in to your training regime – your posture and alignment will improve and you’ll strengthen your core and tone your butt and legs.

Muscles elongate and tone rather than pump up and shorten. Co-ordination is enhanced and it’s a fun and challenging way to condition the body.

The Ballet Butt n'Barre™ workout is a routine incorporating ballet moves, core exercises and butt and leg exercises.

ballet butt-n-barre

By isolating the glutes your butt will become firm and lifted. Your core will be working throughout the routines and your legs will gain flexibility, tone and lengthen.

Carly incorporates Pilates balls and gliders into the workout to help maximise strength and stability.