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Carly is a Nike Trainer for Nike Training Clubs, ex professional dancer (BA Hons), qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, published fitness model and presenter. Carly is associated and affiliated with Nike, an Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete and SmartShake UK Representative. Carly has danced for numerous pop acts on TV shows, music videos and stage for the last six years and has been dancing since the age of three. She’s always had a passion for fitness and enjoys working towards her health and fitness goals and motivating others to achieve their own too. Carly also co owns an elite personal training studio with Elia Siaperas, FlexPT in N22.

As a ex-professional dancer, Carly works out every day. She has trained in numerous fields throughout her career including contemporary dance, ballet, tap and commercial to name a few. She practises Yoga and Pilates and maintains her own fitness by training regularly. She has an abundance of knowledge in the areas of cardiovascular, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and plyometric based circuits, power and core stability. Carly teaches at the Nike Store Stratford Westfield and occasionally Nike Town London, Nike training Club which she is very passionate about. She also teaches regular classes at The Laboratory Spa & Health Club, North London - classes include Schwinn Cycling, Abs, Back & Stretch, Ultimate Condititoning, Core Express, Total Stretch and Ballet Butt n' Barre™. Most recently she has joined the first team of Group Exercise instructors at Equinox, Kensington London - classes include Barre Burn and Shockwave. Carly also appears on the Active Channel(SKY 281) ... so make sure you tune in and check her out!

Her great knowledge of both dance and fitness will inspire and motivate you. Carly has been fortunate enough to entwine both dance and her passion for exercise, health and fitness into a hugely rewarding career.


Carly started her dance and model career at the tender age of three. Carly was a childhood model and modelled for numerous clients such as Fisher Price, Marks & Spencers, BHS, New Look and various teenage magazines. She has most recently modelled for Nokia mobile, Nike ‘Zoomfly’ training shoe (website advertisement) and Mizuno trainers.

Having studied at London Studio Centre in London, Carly obtained a BA Hons Degree in Dance and Musical Theatre in 2006. The degree was a full practical training plus an academic dimension of studies directly related to dance. (Classical ballet, pointe work, contemporary dance, jazz theatre dance, musical theatre, partner work, tap, singing and acting all validated by The University of Arts London.)

To maintain her high standard Carly regularly attends classes at Pineapple Dance Studios, which she enjoys greatly. She has appeared in numerous music videos, trade/fashion shows, live stage and TV shows for various pop acts on shows such as The X Factor, Paul O’Grady Live, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Britian’s Got Talent, BBC’s Let’s Dance for Sport’s Relief, Children In Need, The Brit Awards and many more.

She has also appeared in a Bhangra Dance Workout Fitness DVD, Pilates Show on Sky’s Fitness TV, modelled for a Nike iPhone App advertisement (internet viral), appeared as a dancer in the Walt Disney film 'Prince of Persia' 2010 and modelled for numerous well-being websites and in house posters.

Carly combines her technical skills with her knowledge of commerical dance and also adds her own special sexy and funky vibe. Carly prides herself on her unique style - she has professionalism, fluidity, energy and strength.


BA (Hons) Degree - Dance and Musical Theatre


Carly co owns a personal training studio with Elia Siaperas in North London, N22. This is an exclusive one to one personal training space for Carly and her clients to train. The studio has a wide range of equipment to assist you to reach your goals. Inside the studio the following equipment is available:

For more information and prices on group PT or one to one sessions please contact Carly via the website.


Carly is a Team ON Athlete and believes in all of their products which she uses regularly as part of her training and diet regime. She is totally dedicated to health and fitness and is constantly on the go teaching classes or working out and is always motivated to improve her body shape and others. Carly will therefore encourage and inspire you to get the best results you can. She creates individual personalised fitness programmes and gives nutritional advice and guidance. As a fitness model, recently modelling for magazines such as Fitnorama, Ultra-Fit and Muscle & Fitness. Carly is constantly working hard to maintain her physique and is always open to new techniques and exercises to get the best results for herself and more importantly, her clients.

Both you and Carly can focus your efforts on moving in the right direction by establishing your goals. Setting your short and long term goals is a great way for you and Carly to work together as a team, measure your progress and keep motivated. She will help promote personal confidence and help maintain long-term life style changes in body and mind too.

Whether you want to tone up, loose weight, gain strength, improve self worth and confidence, gain focus, improve cardiovascular fitness, body sculpt or improve your lifestyle – Carly is the personal trainer for you!


Certified First Aid Certificate
Certified Bronze Level, Schwinn Cycling
Level 2 Certified Gym Instructor – Premier Training, London
Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Personal Training – Premier Training, London
NASM Certified Personal Trainer - Premier Training, London
Level 2 Exercise To Music – Premier Training, London
Nutritional Advice/guidance.


Carly decided to take her love for being on stage and fuse it together with her other passion fitness, and compete. Carly decided to try her hand as a competitor and entered her first Bikini Show in May 2012 (Watch video... ) and placed 3rd in the newly-created Miss Galaxy Universe Beach Body category and 5th Overall for Supreme Champion.

Carly most recently competed in April 2013, Maimi Pro World Championships (Watch video... ) where she placed 2nd in Bikini Short Class and UKBFF Southcoast(Watch video... ) where she placed 6th in Bikini Short Class.

Although a new competitor, Carly already finds this sport enjoyable as it is all about will power, achieving her personal goals and allows her to compete with herself to therefore become better. Carly loves to train hard and live a healthy lifestyle so why not use that motivation to compete! Watch out for Carly in many more competitions...


A unique, sport-inspired training program designed to take your athletes, clients and students to a whole new level of fitness and athleticism.

NIKE TRAINING CLUB is inspired by sport. It is a group workout that incorporates skills, drills and principles used by world-class athletes. It trains the whole body in a multi-dimensional and multi-directional way. And it uses the power of teamwork, competition and camaraderie to amplify both the energy and the results. Never boring, always fresh and fuelled with athleticism, NIKE TRAINING CLUB trains you to be strong.

NIKE TRAINING CLUB focuses on 5 fundamental components of sport and fitness:
1. Strength
2. Cardio
3. Core
4. Balance
5. Flexibility

Every workout highlights ONE of these five components, but also contains elements of the other four.

The drills in the NIKE TRAINING CLUB are dynamic, multi-directional, athletic and intense, and each is designed around the unique NIKE TRAINING CLUB Arena™. The Arena lets you organize teams, ensure proper spacing, provide variety, enhance safety, create competition and amplify the energy

NIKE TRAINING CLUB is best suited for people who love the energy of interval training, the camaraderie of teams, the intensity of boot camp, the spirit of competition, and the movement diversity found in sport.

Simply put, NIKE TRAINING CLUB is sport-inspired training at its best!

My role as an NTC Instructor :
I will be the face of Nike to those signed up to join my class. NTC instructors embody what Nike is about; fitness, knowledge, fun, hard work, involvement etc. I will motivate you, keep in touch, ensure exercises are performed correctly but importantly, you have fun getting and staying fit. My classes are diverse and varied so therefore not boring week in week out which comes back to the NTC instructor having the knowledge on what changes can be made to the class / alternative exercises to achieve results ...

Nike Training Club UK ia a community offering motivation and fuel for you to make yourself the best you can be. NTC classes can be signed up for on Facebook or the Nike Training Club iPhone app. Classes are in parks throughout London and Nike stores. Grab yourself a Nike Fuelband too and #makeitcount, set yourself goals and targets. Keep track of your fuel and your daily activity. Nike FuelBand helps you to work harder. Carly wears hers ... are you joining her?


Ballet dancers seem to have it all – they’re strong, they’re flexible, they’re lean and even the tiniest dancers appear taller than they really are! The Ballet Butt n' Barre™ workout is designed and created by Carly incoporating ballet moves and exercises in to your training regime - your posture and alignment will improve and you’ll strengthen your core and tone your butt and legs. Muscles elongate and tone rather than pump up and shorten. Co-ordination is enhanced and it’s a fun and challenging way to stay in shape. By adding some cardio on the days you’re not in the studio practicing this technique – The Ballet Butt n' Barre™ will aid weight loss and is an all-round toning and conditioning discipline.

Remember when you execute these exercises, allow the breath to move freely in and out through the nose. Be aware of your posture at all times and keep the lift of the abdominals throughout all routines. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of your workout to warm up by either gently freestyle dancing, skipping and with active/dynamic stretches. At the end of the exercises, cool down by taking a few deep breaths standing and rolling down and up through the spine along with static stretches. Remember to take time to stretch out the hamstrings, the quadriceps and the glutes to lengthen the muscles and prevent injury.

The Ballet Butt n' Barre™ workout is a routine incorporating ballet moves, core exercises and butt and leg exercises. By isolating the glutes your butt will become firm and lifted. Your core will be working throughout the routines and your legs will gain flexibility, tone and lengthen. Your legs are the largest muscle group in the body, therefore the more you train and tone a large muscle group, the faster your metabolism will burn the fat we store in the body. If you want a different kind of workout then the Ballet Butt n' Barre™ workout is the one for you!

Carly teaches this technique in Masterclasses at The Laboratory Spa & Health Club and soon to be teaching at Champney's Health Farms in 2014. If you want a one-to-one with Carly and Ballet Butt n'Barre™ then get in touch.


For prices and packages for personal training, Ballet Butt n' Barre™ or online PT email carly via the website.
There is a 24 hour cancellation policy

Carly has created a service that is 24/7. She will evaluate either your current food consumtion or your current exercise regime or both and design a brand new nutrition plan tailored to you and an exercise/gym regime for you to follow depending on your goals. This is basically an online personal trainer! You can get in touch with Carly any time for guidance or advice 24/7 via email. Whatever your goals, Carly will help you reach them.

If you would like further information on this virtual service then don't hesitate anymore ... get in touch with Carly today!


Initial consultation: 45mins - Free

1 Session: ½hr - £30

1 Session: 45mins - £50

6 Sessions: 45mins (½ a session free) - £275

10 Sessions: 45mins (1 session free) - £450

1 Month Package: 3 Sessions a week - 45mins (1 session free) - £540


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